Bloomberg Bluster 'same old same old' from Tories


suzanne.pngUKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans has criticised Boris for "selling a myth to the British people" in yet another Bloomberg speech on Europe.

"Boris, rather than come out and be his own man, has been wrangled by Tory bigwigs to dance to Cameron's tune. How hollow and disingenuous to spend half an hour criticising Brussels, employing all the wit and wisdom possible, to conclude that campaigning to stay in is actually the best option. The Conservative Party are desperate to abate increasing public discontent with the EU while paddling frantically underwater to keep Britain in. The prospect of significantly reforming the EU is dead. It can only be done with treaty change, and it's repeatedly made clear by other European leaders and the hierarchy in Brussels that treaty change is not on the table. The Conservatives are selling a myth to the British people in order to try to stay in power. It really is the lowest form of politics."

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