Bolton calls for cool heads in Catalonia after horrific scenes

Published Oct 02, 2017

Henry Bolton, the UKIP leader has called for cool heads following Sunday's Catalan independence referendum. Though the Spanish courts had stated beforehand that the referendum was illegal. The Catalan authorities went ahead with the vote. The Spanish authorities responded by deploying riot police to close polling stations, seize ballot boxes and disperse people waiting to vote. Over 850 people have been hurt in associated clashes.

The leader of UKIP, Henry Bolton, said:

"The reports and footage coming out of Catalonia are horrific. It is extremely worrying to watch police officers in a European Union member State, using such inappropriate force against unarmed and peaceful citizens.

"The Catalonian referendum has been a matter of discussion and debate for years and could have been handled better.The decision to deploy the police in such a way only serves to increase sympathy for Catalonian independence and works against the cohesion of Spain itself.

"If the Catalonian authorities carry out their threat to declare independence in the coming days, the government in Madrid is likely to take over and further violence can be predicted. I therefore urge all sides to avoid the use of force, including riot police, and to discuss a mutually acceptable way forward. The consequences of not doing so will undoubtedly place lives at risk and damage Spain and its reputation."

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