Bolton: Thank God the public gave MEP’s their notice

Published Oct 05, 2017

The European Parliament including half the available so called Conservatives and both the sole Lib/Dem and the Labour members have voted overwhelmingly to block negotiations between the EU and the UK put its own vanity over the interests of the peoples of Europe, by rejecting any thought of supporting the Brexit negotiations.

All UKIP members voted to protect the Referendum decision

Henry Bolton, the UKIP leader denounced the vote, but singled out the UK Euro MP's from other parties and the Tories specifically for condemnation.

"It’s hard to put into words the utter contempt for the British people and the country as a whole these over-stuffed, publically funded, so called politicians feel.

"The only thing that that gives any pleasure is that, due to the wisdom of the 17.4 million who voted to Leave last year they will be handed their P45s. Not by some publicity hungry comedian, but by the British people.

"Such behaviour might be expected by the Lib Dems but Labour and in particular Richard Ashcroft and Julie Girling, the former Leader and Chief Whip of the Tories in Brussels to have voted against the national interest. This little short of a disgrace.

"This vote, and its implications for public trust in establishment, elite politics shows just how vital UKIP is as the country’s pro-Brexit opposition party.

"It's simple, we just cannot trust the Tories to deliver Brexit".


The voting evidence is on page 67

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