Boris Johnson is starting to whistle the UKIP tune on Brexit.

Published Jul 11, 2017

Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman responded to comments made in the Commons by the Foriegn Sectetary, Boris Johnson,

"Boris's comments in the Commons regarding the EU's 'excessive' demands for a 'leaving bill', and his agreement that they could 'go whistle for it' show that reality is starting to sink in.

"The EU will make excessive demands all areas. They don't want us to leave and they will do all they can to delay, impede and discourage, in the hope we will change our minds.

"UKIP has always said that Britain does not owe the EU a penny – indeed we could argue that they owe us for forty-four years of waste, fraud, unnecessary costs, and missed economic opportunities.   

"However, this is a sterile argument that will go nowhere.

"The Government should tell the EU to get lost.  It should seize the initiative in the Brexit 'negotiations' and tell the EU how we are leaving – not ask it how.

"As the 'negotiations' progress it will become more and more apparent that the only way out is the UKIP way – repeal the European Communities Act (1972) as a first step and take control of the process."

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