Hello, here you can access the party branding document where various design assets can be downloaded for branding your branches social media to developing new leaflets. 


The 'Lion' logo has now expired and will no longer be used on anything and we have reverted to the 'Pound Sign' logo we have used previously. This should be used as the profile picture for Official UKIP Facebook and Twitter pages. These can be downloaded here:

Pound PNG Logo

Pound JPG Logo (Coming Soon)

Pound AI Vector Logo (Coming Soon)

Social Media Branding

We have provided profile images and header images for both Facebook and Twitter, for the profile picture, please use the Logo downloadable above, and the header images available below, these will update from time to time as needed.

General Purpose Twitter Header Image (Coming Soon)

General Purpose Facebook Header Image (Coming Soon)


UKIP does have an official font that we use on graphics and all official media. This is called Futura, we use Futura Bold for titles, Futura Book for Headers/Subheaders, and Futura Medium for paragraphs/text. These font installer files can be downloaded here as they may not be preinstalled on your computer:

Futura Bold

Futura Medium

Futura Book


UKIP isn't just purple and yellow, we have a very specific shade of purple and yellow, and we would like to ask everyone to use the correct shade to add to the professionalism of our Party. 

The 'UKIP Purple' is:

HEX Colour Code: #6D3177

RGB Values: rgb(109, 49, 119)

The 'UKIP Yellow' is:

HEX Colour Code: #FEED42

RGB Values: rgb(254, 237, 66)

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