Brexit capital "open to the world" says UKIP Councillor as Remain paper snubs Skegness

Published Apr 15, 2017

UKIP County Councillor Victoria Ayling has slammed comments in an internal email from 'The New European' which claimed Brexit could 'close down' Skegness.

In an accidentally published email from the Pro EU paper, staff promoted provoking anger in the very pro Brexit town taunting 'there is an opportunity to stir up some controversy locally'.

Responding to the story, Mrs Ayling dismissed the claims as "nonsense from the losing side" and added "The EU was almost the death knell not only for Skegness but for the much of the coast of the UK thanks to its poaching of our fishing industry and the money it sapped from the UK treasury to send abroad."

"Lincolnshire as a whole suffered from our EU membership particularly in terms of mass immigration which put pressure on our local services and the downward compression of wages."

But there was one part of the email Cllr Ayling said she did agree with. "I bet they don't sell many copies of their establishment newspaper up here: they probably don't even know where Skegness is! If they occasionally left London then they might have been less surprised that despite the bias in favour of the remain campaign as confirmed by a Parliamentary select committee yesterday the people still voted for independence."

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