Britain is a great place to do business - and will be after we leave the EU


Margot_3.jpgThe economic and trading future of the United Kingdom after she leaves the European Union was given a huge boost by the Chief Executive of Airbus Industries. When asked about the commitment of Airbus to its business in Britain post a potential 'Brexit' Tom Enders said, “Regardless of which decision the UK will make, we are strongly committed to our operations in the UK, which are key to the long-term future of our group.”

UKIP MEP and the party's business spokesman Margot Parker said: "Hundreds if not thousands of small businesses and suppliers reply on big companies such as Airbus for jobs and prosperity.

"To hear the chief executive of Airbus say the company will not pull out of Britain if the election triggers a referendum dispels many of the myths we hear.

"Too often we hear scare stories that trade will suffer when we are out of the EU - the opposite is actually true."

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