Britain must look to an independent trading future as Trade with the rest of the world grows, while trade with Europe stalls

Published Mar 12, 2015

96958.jpgThe latest trade figures from the Office of National Statistics show that Britain's interests lie not in the European Union but in trading with the rest of the world. They make it clear that UK Exports to non-EU countries rose by £2.6 billion while those to EU countries remain flat for the last 3 months.

UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP said: "These trade figures confirm that the UK needs to concentrate on trade with the growing economies of the world rather than being hamstrung by hyper-regulation within the ossifying EU Custom's Union.

"We need to increase our global reach in free markets which are the future, i.e. India and Brazil rather than beating our head against a brick wall in an out of date and over-bureaucratic EU culture which produces little except low economic growth and high unemployment. "

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