Britain's foreign aid bill is up by 30 per cent in five years - a bigger rise than any other EU country

Published May 26, 2015

124965.jpgBritain's foreign aid bill has risen by a staggering 30 per cent under David Cameron, damning research has revealed. The Prime Minister has handed out £11.6 billion in 2014, up from almost £9 billion in 2010. The bill has risen faster than any other country in the European Union since Cameron pledged to spent 0.7 percent of our income on foreign aid.

UKIP's International Development spokesman Nathan Gill said: "The arrogance of the political establishment seems to know no bounds. As public services are cut, in some cases to the point of decimation, the Westminster elite carry on as if nothing has changed - giving away borrowed money faster than it can be sensibly spent.

"UKIP has long argued for a substantial reduction in our foreign aid budget, bringing it into line with the budgets of similar sized economies to ours, such as Italy. The idea that we can sustain being the world's second largest donor, after the United States, and ahead of Germany and Japan is just ludicrous. It's not about compassion, or a lack of it, it's about common sense. It's about affordability and sustainability.

"The British people are generous and will always continue to be so. But aid should be about those who can afford to give choosing to give. Struggling and striving British taxpayers should not have their hard-earned, and much needed, income taken from them to give away, especially not when so many of our own people have to choose between heating and eating."

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