Britain’s leading Military strategist takes the UKIP position on ISIS


In a comprehensive interview in today’s Sunday Times, General Lord Richards, the recently retired Chief of the Defence Staff has made a devastating and clear thinking critique of the Governments current strategy in dealing with current global threats, specifically those of ISIS and Russia.

Nigel Farage said,

“I am pleased to discover that I find myself in near complete agreement with such an eminent and experienced man as General Lord Richards. Both on the impossibility of defeating ISIS militarily through airpower alone and on our need to bring Putin’s Russia into the alliance against radical Islam, General Richards’ thinking mirrors was what I was saying this week in Doncaster.

"The Government’s position in merely attacking a cross border force on one side of the border is laughable. ISIS is not merely a terrorist organisation, and no amount of wishing that will make any difference. It is an embedded society. To defeat it will take far more than airstrikes. If we are to combat ISIS it will take a hard fought ground war. To rely on airpower alone risks making a bad situation far worse.

"Year on year this, and previous governments, have denuded our military capacity, leaving our forces a shadow of their previous existence. To change matters will take years, but we must start now, or we will have to accept that real threats to our safety and civilisation will go undefended.

"That General Richards agrees states that Putin must be accommodated, and that we must understand that Russian actions in the Crimea and around the Ukraine were entirely predictable after intense provocation by the European political class, is a vindication of sorts. Nobody says that Putin is a decent man, but we are saying that we have to accept that he is an ally dealing with a far greater threat, that of radical, financed and bloodthirsty Jihadist fanaticism.

"Cameron has to rethink his entire strategy at a global and tactical level. We need to revisit our defence priorities and our long-term view of how we wish the world to look, and having done so we will need to take the hard decisions that will guarantee our safety and future security. General Lord Richards’ comments today are a large signpost in the right direction.”

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