British citizens fighting with ISIS are traitors

Published Oct 23, 2017

Henry Bolton, the UKIP leader, has demanded that returning ISIS fighters are to be treated as traitors after security sources reported that between 400 and 800 men and women of British nationality have travelled to Syria and Iraq and may return.

Both the Government and Labour have suggested that such people should be allowed to return and also that some do not present a threat and should not even be arrested. 

Putting clear water between UKIP and the other main parties, Mr Bolton said,

"British citizens who fight for, or actively support any enemy of the United Kingdom, including Islamic State, are traitors and must be dealt with as such. 

We must review and overhaul the treason legislation that was neutered by the Blair Government. We must take it out of the Public Order Act and make it fit for purpose for dealing with any British citizens who side with our enemies.

If you fight with, or support an enemy of this country, you are a traitor and should be subject to the Treason Act.

If British citizens are killed fighting us and our allies, then so be it."

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