Those most impacted by mass unskilled migration are our own settled minority groups

Published Mar 11, 2015

Margot_3.jpgFigures released by the House of Commons Library have highlighted a truth that has for years been brushed under the carpet. The British citizens who are most adversely impacted by mass unskilled inward migration have been our own settled minority groups.

UKIP small business spokesman Margot Parker MEP said, "This figure is disappointing but not surprising. It supports something that we in UKIP have been saying for a very long time - mass uncontrolled immigration negatively effects the employment opportunities of settled immigrant communities as much as it does anyone else.

"Large numbers of unskilled and semi-skilled workers arriving from the EU inhibits the chance for other British born ethnic minorities to get ahead, communities which see their second and third generation British born members ignored for the first-rung-on-the-ladder jobs in favour of EU workers, many of whom find these jobs, advertised outside of the UK.

"Given the ties of history and language that many, mostly Commonwealth immigrant communities have with Britain, and the high level of assimilation and integration that is often displayed, it is not just the tragedy of the current figures, but also the long term future prosperity of such communities in the UK, which will find themselves increasingly marginalised in favour of migrants from EU member states.

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