Bromley votes Out

Published Feb 23, 2016

bigpicdavid_livett.jpgLast night Bromley Borough Council became the second council in London after Havering to vote to Leave the European Union. The motion was passed with a huge majority of 23 to 7.

UKIP Councillor David Livett, who proposed the motion said "I'm delighted we won the vote it is clear that the Bromley Council believe we would be better off out of the EU.

"It was encouraging that so many Conservatives supported the motion by taking advantage of a free vote: they made very strong points in a free debate and then stood up to be counted.

"The Labour group was a disappointment,  they seem to have abandoned the working man and ignore the pressures on his wages and jobs. Tony Benn must be spinning in his grave.”

The text of the motion was as follows,

"This Council agrees that the negative impacts that the European Union has upon the efficiency and costs of Bromley Council activities mean Bromley Council would be better off if Britain was out of the European Union."

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