Brussels convoluted and backward after a €10 billion budget increase follows ANOTHER failed audit

Published Nov 17, 2015

jonathan_arnott_1.jpgThe EU budget has been increased by €10 billion to €155 billion after an agreement was made by the EU ‘Conciliation Committee’. David Cameron has on several occasions called for the EU budget to be reduced however his government has overseen a 6.9% rise in this year alone.

Jonathan Arnott UKIP MEP and member of the European Parliament Budgetary Control Committee commented, “For the EU to increase its own budget by a whopping €10 billion euros and yet preach austerity at the same time displays a laughable level of hypocrisy. Last week the EU once again failed to obtain a clean bill of health from the auditors. This week we see them gifting themselves a €10 billion euro increase. It displays perfectly the convoluted and backward way Brussels operates.”


Arnott continued, “Cameron has outdone himself here. Whilst he was showing off his sham renegotiation demands he nodded through an inflation-busting 6.9% increase in the EU budget. Time and time again he claimed he could stop this rise, yet this demonstrates Cameron’s EU influence or more appropriately, the lack of it.”

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