Business rates are a tax on the entrepreneurial spirit

Published Feb 18, 2016

bigpic.jpgSmall businesses are being hammered by local government according to Government research. Official forecasts claim that Councils are coining in on the back of local businesses to the tune of £23.5bn per year.

This comes only days after the CBI has warned the new policy on business rate in local government could see companies being squeezed to the point of collapse.

UKIP Councillor association Chairman David Sprason comments "Business rates are a tax on the entrepreneurial spirt of people who want to go out and make good on their own.

"This policy will be abused by labour and tory councils as they will see the introduction of 100% control over rates as a full teat of cows milk to be squeezed until its dry. We must have proper protection for small and medium businesses if we wish to see proper economic growth and a stabilising of the shambolic way the previous governments of the last 10years have left us. 

"UKIP would secure a 20% business rate relief for business's that have a rateable and property value of less than £50,000. this will give new businesses the right help to allow them to succeed on their own and free of the current crippling rates being set, and which will get worse with the councils having 100% autonomy"

UKIP's 2015 manifesto outlined the problem with business rates for small businesses being highlighted as an area that needs to be cut as to nurture growth and business development. UKIP would do this by giving a 20% tax relief to businesses that have a rateable value of less than £50,000 while not affecting other existing business rates. 

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