Cambridgeshire County Council Tax Freeze proposal by UKIP

Published Feb 14, 2017

189757845.jpgOn Tuesday 14th February Cllr Bullen, Leader of the UKIP group on Cambridgeshire County Council will present an alternative budget amendment for Cambridgeshire that achieves a tax freeze for Cambridgeshire residents. This will make UKIP the only Party in Cambridgeshire proposing a tax freeze.

Whilst the UKIP proposal will deliver a 0% tax rise for Cambridgeshire tax payers, It is anticipated that the Cambridgeshire Conservatives will propose a 2% Tax rise, Liberal Democrats will propose a 4% tax rise, and Labour will propose a 5% tax rise for Cambridgeshire residents.

Cllr Bullen says “Some of the Political Groups in Cambridgeshire will be trying to deceive the people of Cambridgeshire by claiming the tax rises they are demanding are not tax rises because the Tory Government has allowed them to call it an “Adult Social Care Precept”. The deception is bad enough that these groups are suggesting this is not a tax rise (when it clearly is), this deception is worse in that none of this ‘social care precept’ has been used on increasing the social care budget in Cambridgeshire at all.

In fact Cllr Bullen can demonstrate that of the “£18.7 Million of tax rises that UKIP has opposed and the Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative Groups have forced on the people of Cambridgeshire. £11Million of this has been put into the councils coffers as increases to its general reserve and a further £7.9 Million has been used to pay for repairs, consultants reports and legal fees associated with the failed guided busway, which is not just a white elephant but is turning out to be a disastrous money pit, one of the many failed legacies of the failed Conservative Cabinet, prior to UKIP and others removing the Cabinet system from Cambridgeshire.

He points out that "As such, not a single penny of the tax rises have gone into services".

"UKIP will present an honest budget that will put tax payer’s money where it belongs, in their own pockets, supporting their hard stretched household budgets, paying mortgages and putting food on the table, not sat in the County Council Coffers and not supporting Tory failed vanity projects.

"UKIP provide a balanced 5 year budget, using the reduction of General reserves and MRB to ensure that a Tax Freeze is achieved (0% Tax Rise and 0% Social Care Precept Rise) whilst not further reducing any funding to front line services."

This comes hot on the heels of Thanet District Council, where for the first time in anybody's memory the budget proposed by the UKIP controlled council was passed unopposed, an example of how well councils are run, when controlled by UKIP councilors.

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