Cameron bullies the needy



Conservative plans to withdraw benefits from, the obese, and others if they do not do what they are told is another example of the way that this Government bullies those it has decided are beyond the pale.

“This Government has a default position which is to wave its finger and point at the less fortunate. The Government obviously doesn't care about those with weight or addiction problems it is just ideologically driven by its contempt for those on benefits and its need to get the benefits bill down at all costs. It is doing this whilst being unconcerned about multi-national corporations squirelling their money abroad”.

”Of course society needs to deal with the excesses in the benefits system. But to do so in this fashion shows the mean, nasty side of its ideology”, said Suzanne Evans, UKIP Deputy Chairman.

“Tellingly the Tories describe those they do not approve of as being unable to lead a “Fulfilling life”. When did Mr Cameron, or the Government regulate on what is, and what isn't a fulfilling life?”

To threaten those at the bottom of society with penury if they do not do what they are told shows the Conservative Party remain unchanged, the nasty party, fixated on finding people to blame rather than lifting the burdens from us all”.

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