Cameron caught lying at PMQs


bours2-e1404806711180.jpgUKIP Health spokesperson Louise Bours has criticised David Cameron’s response to Mark Reckless first question as a UKIP MP, during Wednesdays PMQs.

She said “Mr Reckless was asking a perfectly sensible question about Medway Hospital. Like all good constituency MPs he was raising an issue that will be of concern to many people in Rochester and Strood”.

She continued “David Cameron’s assertion that UKIP doesn’t believe in the NHS and wants to break it up is a cheap shot, and a downright lie. There is a concerted effort from the established parties to peddle non truths and misinformation about UKIP and the NHS”.

“I would suggest David Cameron, and Ed Miliband for that matter read UKIP’s policy on health, and get their facts right. It is a dangerous ploy to attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the British people with lies and falsehoods”.

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