Mike Hookem MEP: Cameron is misleading us all over offensive ground operations in Iraq


MikeHookem.jpgMike Hookem MEP, UKIP’s defence spokesman has today voiced grave concerns that David Cameron had ‘mislead both the public and parliament’ over ‘boots on the ground’ military operations in Iraq, following press reports this weekend that gave details of the Special Air Service (SAS) sniper missions against Islamic State (IS) targets in the region.

Mike, a former commando himself said, “My support for the UK’s armed forces remains unswervingly strong and as the UK have the best special forces teams in the world, I have no doubt that the SAS are doing an amazing job completing any missions they are given in Iraq.”

“However, I am deeply concerned that despite constant reassurances from David Cameron and Michael Fallon that the UK would not be putting ‘boots on the ground’ other than training teams, it now seems there we are very much engaged in an offensive ground war against IS in Iraq.

"I fear that once again the Conservative are using smoke and mirrors to mislead the public and go back on their promises. The British public have a right to know what operations of this type are being undertaken in their name and any ground action should have been brought back to parliament for approval, as was promised at the end of September when parliament was recalled to debate action in Iraq and Syria.”

Mike went on to say; “It seems that each week now, we hear further details of more undefined ‘limited mission’ involvement of the UK military in Iraqi, and as I have said before, I am extremely concerned about the potential of mission creep; where we go from a supporting role to a fighting role without properly considering the consequences and without the approval of the British public or parliament. It would only take one of these brave SAS soldiers to be captured and beheaded live on the internet, and you could see the UK being dragged directly into a full scale third land war in Iraq. While I will always give my unequivocal support to our armed forces engaged in military action, we have to be very careful that the public are not once again tricked into entering into yet another Middle Eastern war that I’m sure would prove deeply unpopular and which could further damage our reputation within the international community.”

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