Cameron's claim that the UK is insecure outside the EU is phoney and dishones

Published Nov 10, 2015

Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem has described the Prime Minister's claims that the UK will be less secure outside the EU as "phoney and dishonest". The MEP, who is a member of the European Parliament's Security and Defence Committee said it was "blatantly obvious that successive governments have given power over to Brussels and made this country less secure."

"It seems the lies have started already if Mr Cameron is really going to be telling people that we need a European Military and shared information on our critical infrastructure makes us stronger: when we hand over information on our power stations and water treatment plants to countries like Romania and Bulgaria we are only as strong as our weakest link.

"Let's not forget that if it wasn't for the insistence of British civil servants we would be sharing details of our nuclear power plants - although this government has given them all to China anyway. We are less secure because of that alone, without taking into consideration our porous borders, the ISIS terrorists hiding in the 'jungle' in Calais and new plans to welcome migrants from Africa even though countries are buckling under the pressure and there is a rise of extremism as communities launch a backlash against left wing governments.

"Even President Juncker can't bring himself to be open and honest about plans for an EU Army, dodging a question from me on forthcoming legislation for an EU military.

"The Prime Minister should also recall that most of the countries in the EU are also members of NATO - the organisation which has really kept the peace since the end of WWII. I don't believe that Germany and France are gagging to go to war with each other and only President Juncker is stopping them from doing so.

"Perhaps instead of just delivering a speech someone from the IN campaign would like a proper debate on our defence and security so the public can find out what is really going on?"

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