Cameron's plans on CSE are "too little, too late"


JaneCollins.jpgUKIP MEP and prospective parliamentary candidate for Rotherham, Jane Collins has branded David Cameron proposals to jail teachers, councillors and social workers, who fail to protect children from child sexual exploitation as, “a political platitude that is too little, too late”.

Jane said, “CSE in our communities is a national disaster and politicians have categorically failed to realise this. David Cameron should be garnering cross party support to push through this legislation before the election, rather than wasting time with plain cigarette packs. For me his lack of action to tackle this problem is playing politics with child safety. This is simply unacceptable.

Speaking from her Rotherham office, Jane continued, “While I welcome any legislation aimed at stopping public officials ignoring CSE in our communities, politicians have not acted quickly enough to safeguard our children, nor have they been enforcing existing legislation.”

“The survivors in Rotherham have a multitude of needs that are currently not being addressed. Funding and support must be made available immediately to provide places of safety, counselling, addiction treatment and to create a realistic pathway for the survivors of these heinous crimes to move forward.”

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