Cameron's U-Turn on Grammar Schools shows scaredy cat Prime Minister is UKIP copy cat


Paul_Nuttall.jpegDavid Cameron's U-Turn on Grammar Schools is a direct imitation of a popular UKIP policy, argues UKIP's Deputy Leader and Education Spokesman Paul Nuttall MEP:

"UKIP has always backed grammar schools as key for social mobility. It has long been one of our most popular policies. So does it surprise me that the Prime Minister, who once attacked his party's 'obsession' with grammar schools is now championing them.

"He said there would be no return to academic selection and no new grammar schools built. While his change of heart to helping existing grammars expand is one thing, will he now change his position entirely and start pushing for the introduction of more? Let's wait and see. My feeling is that the scaredy cat Prime Minister will once again become a UKIP copy cat."

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