Cameron scaremongering to distract people from his pathetic, bungled EU deal

Published Feb 08, 2016

Zone_portuaire_calais_phare.jpgDavid Cameron has claimed that the UK leaving the European Union would lead to Calais ‘Jungle’-style camps in the South East of England.

Responding UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "Once again we see the pro-EU establishment adopting fear and scaremongering tactics. This is a desperate attempt from David Cameron to distract people from his pathetic, bungled EU deal. Le Touquet treaty is a bilateral deal, nothing to do with the EU and of course international co-operation would continue once we leave the EU."

UKIP’s Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe added: “The baseless statements from David Cameron and the Remain camp that France will scrap its bilateral Calais border control agreement with the UK leaving our country vulnerable to illegal immigration and Calais-like 'Jungle' camps on the south coast are based on fears, negativity and a falsehood.

"Membership of the European Union is not a prerequisite for this agreement and it was negotiated and signed between two nation-states. The EU had nothing to do with this deal, and that's probably why it has worked for the past decade. Saying that France will unilaterally scrap this agreement is like suggesting that France will also scrap the Treaties on Defence and Security which the Prime Minister himself signed in 2010.

He continued, "The Le Touquet Treaty was agreed between both nations before the Lisbon Treaty. It has been enforced for over a decade and allows UK border forces make checks in French ports, such as Calais and Dunkirk and allows the French to make checks United Kingdom ports, such as Dover. It is mutually beneficial for both countries and with the migration crisis still on-going and the growth of Migrant camps in Calais, a roll back of this agreement would impact the French authorities, more than the UK.

"No truer words have been spoken than by Mr Cazeneuve, the French Interior minister, who stated that the French government had no intention of scrapping this agreement. He said “Calling for the border with the English to be opened is not a responsible solution. It would send a signal to people smugglers and would lead migrants to flow to call in far greater numbers. A humanitarian disaster would ensue.

“Furthermore if one thing the French are good at it is international commerce. Having recently committed to a €650 million redevelopment of Nord-Pas de Calais it is highly unlikely that the French Government would put this at risk by making the operations at Calais less efficient than competitor ports like Zeebrugge and the Hook of Holland. Cameron, and his strategists are attempting to portray a Britain outside of the EU, as a country in chaos. Frankly this is immoral and their arguments are not based on common sense, evidence and facts.”

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