Cameron Unsuitable for NATO

Published Dec 29, 2016

bill_etheridge.jpgAs news emerges that former Prime Minister David Cameron is being considered for the role of NATO Secretary General, UKIP Defence spokesman Bill Etheridge, took a swipe at his credentials for the job calling him “uniquely unsuitable” for the role.

Mr Etheridge said his record of slashing expenditure on defence alone should be enough to prove the ex PM was not the right man for the job.

Military intervention in both Libya and Syria has led to massive loss of lives and instability in the area.

The UKIP MEP said "David Cameron is uniquely unsuitable for the role as Secretary General of NATO.

“His savage cuts on Defence spending led to the UK budget falling below NATO’s target of 2% of GDP for the first time ever.

“Irresponsible military action in both Syria and Libya with depleted military power has seen both countries become unstable.

“No doubt the €260k salary is attractive to him, but this seems a clear case of the elite looking after one of their own at the expense of world peace.”

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