Campaign kicks off in Thanet South


B7tBOwPIYAAljOs.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage's campaign in Thanet South kicked off yesterday with the first big action day of the year in Margate.

More than 500 activists braved the wind and rain to campaign all day in the constituency and despite the cold weather there was a warm reception on the doorsteps with some coming all the way from Scotland to lend their support.

Among the activists were Mark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, and Tim Aker MEP, PPC for Thurrock, as well as scores of UKIP members and supporters from up and down the country.

Thank you to all those members of the People's Army who were able to make it to Thanet to help return Nigel Farage as a UKIP MP for Thanet South and be a powerful voice for the area.

If you weren't able to make it please do click here to to find out pledge your support and volunteer your help to the campaign.

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