Campaigning day cancelled out of respect for late MP


UKIP have decided, as a mark of respect to the late MP Jim Dobbin, not to campaign on the day of his funeral.

Unusually, the funeral of the former MP for Heywood and Middleton will take place on a Saturday.

UKIP’s candidate for the seat, John Bickley said, “We have a lot of campaigning to do, with Labour forcing a short timescale by calling the by-election with unseemly haste, but there is no way we will be campaigning on the day of his funeral.

“He was a hard working and popular MP, and out of respect, I have asked my supporters not to campaign on that day. We had planned to have a full-scale action day this Saturday but that has now been cancelled.

"We will not be out and about leafleting either and we are closing our campaign office for the day."

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