Can we just apply common sense to the Transgender issue

Published Oct 23, 2017
News that the PM is at cross purposes with the Foreign Office over the term "pregnant people" in a submission to the UNHCR just shows the knots why tie ourselves in when we try and apply the latest PC nostrums.


Cllr Star Anderton, the UKIP Equality and Disabilities spokesman said,
"This is a complete tangled web of competing special interests, but the Prime Minister has got to be correct in saying that the term pregnant is relevant to birth females. To open up the term as “pregnant people” is political correctness going way way too far. There have only been a couple of pregnancies whereby a female, who has partially transitioned to being male, decided to have a child prior to undergoing the remainder of the transition to being male. It is beyond amazing that our PM is being treated like some sort of insensitive person for stating Pregnant Women is the correct term.

"Why do we have to have so many labels & non gender specific terms when first and foremost we are all human?

"As this is about human rights then it obviously has the intention to cover all humans so to be bogged down by semantics is a waste of taxpayers money!

"All humans should be treated equally under the law!"

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