Clegg’s ‘dangerous fantasy’ of an EU army becomes frightening reality after new EU push for military integration

Published Nov 22, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpgToday the European Parliament in Strasbourg passed a detailed report by Urmas Paet calling for a far greater level of EU military integration. Within the proposals are calls for EU taxation to ‘foster defence cooperation’, calls for members to make ‘binding defence commitments’ to an EU army and also for the EU to ‘unleash the full potential’ of the Lisbon treaty in terms of defence integration.

Mike Hookem MEP UKIP’s Defence Spokesman commented: “Clegg’s labelling of an EU army as a ‘dangerous fantasy’ is now as discredited as his party. By voting to ‘unleash the full potential’ of an EU army it has become a frightening reality and one that will have a direct cost to the UK taxpayer.”

“The calls for the immediate acceleration of this level of integration are a clear threat to our sovereignty and ability to control our own armed forces. There is every chance this could be forced through before we leave the EU and that subversion of the British people’s will is disgraceful.”

Key elements of the report -

Amendment 2-

“EU should unleash full potential of Lisbon treaty”

Amendment 7-

“Risks and threats to Europe make the establishment of EDU (European Defence Union) an urgency”

Amendment 9-

“EU should dedicate ‘own means’ to foster defence cooperation”

“Use of EU funds”

Amendment 11-

“Encourages member states to make binding defence commitments to each other through PESCO (EU army).

Amendment 16-

Revision and extension of ATHENA mechanism (common financing of EU military missions)

Amendment 28-

EU defence research programme to cost 590 million euros

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