Climate change industry has become a powerful vested interest

Published Dec 17, 2015

Julia_Reid.jpgCommenting in the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week on the Paris talks on climate change, UKIP MEP Dr Julia Reid, said coal, which had been the provider of cheap and affordable electricity for many years, had been demonised.

Speaking in the Parliament earlier this week, Dr Reid, who is UKIP's national Science spokesman, said: “Whenever I hear the words 'historic agreement' my sceptical streak kicks in.

“The aim is to keep warming below two degrees at a time when there has been no warming since 1997 when we know that a thousand years ago the Earth was warmer than it is today.

“Current records are all too brief even 250 years is insufficient time for a meaningful assessment of long-term climate patterns and so-called models are only as good as the data in the programming.

“The climate change industry has become a powerful vested interest. So what will this really mean in Swindon, Exeter and Penzance?

“The main problem is the demonisation of coal which has been the provider of cheap, affordable electricity for many years. COP 21 (21st Conference of Parties – Paris Talks On Climate Change) delegates state a need for cheap, affordable electricity but this agreement will have the opposite effect.

“Already, millions in the UK live in fuel poverty having to choose between heating and eating. Approximately 20 per cent of the thousands of excess winter deaths per year are directly attributable to cold homes.

“COP 21 is bad for them, bad for the UK and bad for Europe,” Dr Julia Reid added.

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