Cllr Jamie Huntman: Why I, as a local businessman had had enough - and chose UKIP


Times-page-001.jpgCllr Jamie Huntman Leader of UKIP at Essex County Council and UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Castle Point writes:

I've had enough, have you?

That was my slogan last year when I got elected as one of the first UKIP County Councillors in Essex and that’s the nub of it, the reason I stood and why so many voted UKIP.

It has got to the stage where our Leaders in Westminster and indeed many of our representatives there do not actually live in the real world they just occasionally visit it for political gain. A significant amount have all gone down the traditional route into politics, the right degree then research post then MP, all career and no conviction. How can they judge us when they have no idea what we do to survive and make a living.

All my life I have lived in Essex and have run my own business for the best part of it. It has not been easy, the whole system is set up for you to fail with red tape and bureaucracy even though we are meant to be the wealth creators, employers and unpaid tax collectors.

“Call me Dave” Cameron suggests we the small business will lead the way out of recession and it is my view that no one is more entrepreneurial than the people of South Essex. However the Prime Minister’s words are empty like they so often are as we receive little or no support. Of course the political elite do not have to worry as once their career is over in Westminster they can go to a well paid post in Europe or run some quango.

Cameron has misjudged the people here, our word is our bond so when we are given broken cast iron guarantees on Europe and promises to reduce immigration that are not kept we quite rightly take a dim view, the trust has been broken.

Since becoming a Councillor what has amazed me most is the amount of patronage that exists. It is a lucrative career if you have the right friends and I often wonder how these salaried Cabinet positions get allocated. No difference I suppose to the way David Cameron fills his cabinet and quangos a mixture of ability and favours I would imagine.

On my travels speaking to Conservative Councillors and members or as they have supposedly been condescendingly labelled by their own elite, “swivel eyed loons” I always ask the same things .One is where do they feel their Party stands on the political spectrum today. By far the majority feels they have not left the Conservative Party the Conservative Party has left them. Of the three Parties in Westminster there is the thickness of a cigarette paper between them, they all seem the same. Secondly and this relates to Castle Point, of all the people in this Great County of Essex why was it not possible to find one to represent you in Westminster, of course I believe the current MP Rebecca Harris hails from Windsor. I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

On two big issues Europe and Immigration.

I am not against Europe I love French wine and Italian food and I could go on but a trading union is one thing but to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is quite another. It is getting to the stage that our once great Parliament the envy of the world is becoming toothless.

As far as immigration goes we have a proud history of it in this Country but it must be controlled I personally have no problem with people coming here embracing our culture and country, paying taxes and contributing to society, But to abuse our generous benefit system to segregate into ghettos and in some cases attack us from within is plainly wrong.

I am very proud to be English, I am not ashamed of being patriotic. I love my Country and its rich History and values. I want to shout about that from the rooftops. This is one reason I stuck my head above the parapet and stood as a Councillor and why now I will be standing in the General Election next year for UKIP in Castle Point.

Here in South Essex we, as we always have are leading the way. People get it here, in the main they are hard working and proud, they want less Government interference and more freedom to get on and earn a living .We work hard and want to reap the benefits and rewards of that labour. UKIP here has had much success because we represent that, we are the only Party now offering a clear alternative to the Political Establishment who are clearly worried and I fear will do whatever is necessary to cling onto power, I expect a lot of platitudes, rebranding and mud slinging locally. We in UKIP will cut through that concentrating on our common sense message.

So the question is clear, do you want to be represented at last by someone from Essex who works in Essex and have you had enough too?

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