Cllr Peter Reeve reappointed Local Government Spokesman

Published Dec 02, 2016

PeteReeveRole.jpgCllr Reeve stated "I am delighted to be reappointed as the Local Government Spokesman for the Party. UKIP Councillors are passionate about the real and positive difference they are making to people's lives and their local communities. Our 500 Councillors across the country have already made a huge positive impact in the communities that they represent and will continue to do so.

"With our new Party Leader, who understands the importance of Local Government in achieving our task of standing up for ordinary working people and getting our Country and our local communities back on track, UKIP will become an unstoppable force."

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said "I am pleased to re-appoint Cllr Pete Reeve as the Local Government Spokesman for UKIP. Cllr Reeve has been our Spokesman for seven years, is one of our longest serving Councillors in UKIP and as a Deputy Chairman of the Local Government Association is making a significant impact in both local and national politics.

"With Pete as our Local Government Spokesman we will continue to show that UKIP is not just here to get our country out of the EU, we are here to shake up Westminster and Town Halls across the Country. We will reset the political balance in favour of residents instead of the political class and vested interest that the old parties represent."

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