Come clean on who's boss, Cameron


124939.jpgThe Prime Minister is trying to talk tough on stripping jihadists of passports, preventing their return to the UK.,but is being very coy by not admitting that the EU and the ECHR will call the shots says UKIP Justice and Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James.

The desperate move in PMQs in the wake of UKIP Leader Nigel Farage calling for immediate action to block the return of Islamist fighters to the UK will now leave the Prime Minister having to answer very awkward questions that will not help his case on reforming the UK's relationship with the EU.

UKIP Home Affairs and Justice Spokesman, Diane James, says that EU law and the European Convention on Human Rights will make it nigh on impossible for Cameron to act unless he deliberately and wilfully disobeys them, something the weak PM is unlikely to do.

 "There is a problem arising from the possible removal of UK citizenship in that it would also thereby deprive someone of their EU citizenship, which could see the EU taking enforcement proceedings against us​. Not only that but the ECHR prevents someone from being made stateless via having their passport removed. Cameron pretends he has solutions to problems, but he absolutely does not.

"In the same week that two desperate parents were chased across Europe by police and thrown in jail under the European Arrest Warrant for seeking better medical treatment for their terminally ill son, Cameron's confused and often vapid defence of trying to reform the EU while being dedicated to keeping us in it is looking weaker by the day. He must go home at night and hold his head in his hands and curse the day he made his infamous Bloomberg speech on the EU.

"The Prime Minister has, as per usual, adopted a fake stance and is fobbing off the public with vacuous words when he will be unwilling to deliver on his promise when the crunch comes."

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