Commission calls for EU Intelligence agency - UKIP responds

Published Nov 20, 2015

Diane_James.jpgResponding to calls by the European Commission to establish an EU-wide intelligence agency in the wake of the Paris attacks, UKIP's Justice and Home Affairs spokeswoman, Diane James MEP said:

"Schengen's open border idea allows free movement for terrorists and has resulted in mass murder in Paris.

"For our national security, there must be a return to national border controls and checking of the origin and credentials of those who are crossing borders.

"There is a clear necessity that Islamist terrorists, their ideas, their money and their weapons no longer be given a free pass around Europe because of Schengen. It is a European political dream which is turning into a security nightmare."

UKIP leader Nigel Farage commented: "It is unacceptable for us to share our intelligence with countries like Romania.

"It is the EU's doctrine of open borders which has caused the problem. This is another crisis being used for an EU power grab."

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