Compulsory Sex and Relationship Education in Schools is Wrong

Published Dec 19, 2017

The government’s plans to introduce Sex and Relationships Education to all children including at primary schools is 'absolutely wrong' say UKIP.

David Kurten AM, the UKIP Education spokesman responded, "Many of the materials which already exist and are aimed at primary schools are explicit and grossly inappropriate and introduce ideas which are confusing and can be damaging to young children.

"We already have government and union advice telling teachers not to use normal words like ‘boys’ and ‘girls, ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ and now we hear that they will be forced to learn about transgenderism which is unnecessary and will harm children’s natural development as boys and girls.

"The most chilling aspect of these plans is that it will be compulsory with no parental opt out. Parents are the primary educators of their children, and should remain so. It is wrong for the state to sexualize children with sexual ideologies at an age which is far too much too young for them to understand, against the wishes of the vast majority of parents.

"Sex and relationships education should remain in the control of parents, and schools should stick to teaching the scientific facts about reproduction and chromosomes – they should not be used to groom children with a so-called ‘inclusive’ transgender agenda."

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