Conservative cabinet are not politicians. They are the mouthpieces of a failing party in desperate self-preservation mode


SteveWoolfe.jpgUKIP's Steven Woolfe said: "Hammond may be talking the talk but he cannot walk the walk. He has in effect 9 months to prove to the British people that the Conservatives can renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU, before he, along with the rest of the coalition Government, are put up for election. With the long summer recess on both sides of the Channel, and you are looking at the UK managing to push for renegotiation of EU treaties in less than six months if they are to bring anything back to British voter of substance. This cannot, and will not happen.

"What it boils down to is Hammond having one job to do between now and the elections, which is peddle all the right lines to try to win over UKIP. But UKIP voters can see through this. They gave up on Cameron's lip service a long time ago and know who they can trust. They can pick apart all the spin to reveal what lies beneath: a failing party in desperate self-preservation m​ode.

"And then with Dominic Grieve. It is his point that Cameron may have removed him, to show he will get rid of the ECHR - but it isn't Grieve that is the problem. The problem is our membership of the EU. We cannot be in it and leave the jurisdiction of the ECHR. ​​So removing and rearranging the deck chairs like Grieve and Hammnond makes not a jot of difference except to electoral rhetoric.

​​​"The British people know the only way to guarantee a referendum on UK membership of the EU is to back UKIP in the General Elections to ensure that neither the Conservatives nor the Labour party win a majority and lumber the country with the usual impotent status quo."

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