Conservative Government passing the buck on Social Care Funding

Published Dec 13, 2016

David_Sprason.jpgThe Government's proposal to forego its responsibility to fund Social Care and shift it on local taxpayers beggars belief. The government continues to increase foreign aid while rationing Social Care services to the elderly and most vulnerable.

Cllr David Sprason UKIP Welfare spokesman said, "It is a national disgrace that the Conservative government is ignoring the call to have a fully funded Social Care system. It now wants to shift the responsibility through an underfunded burden onto local councils. It is expecting local councils with Social Care responsibilities to increases council tax to pay for it this will with out doubt create a post code lottery care system, it is a national disgrace.

"I would like to see Social Care given the same priority as our NHS it's time for real change that protects people's savings and assets. It is a shame that the Westminster elite blindly stand by while hard working Brits have to sell their homes to pay for their care".

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