Conservative plans for English MP Vetoes would create chaos


voice_for_england.pngUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has slammed proposals for English MPs to be given vetoes saying it panders to the culture of back room stitch-ups

"These plans do not properly address the vital issues at stake in this country and still give Scottish MPs too much power south of the border. We cannot have the tail wagging the dog.

"It also creates a situation where Parliament could vote an issue through before a separate group of English MPs given final say alter the outcome of Parliamentary process. It would create chaos where one group of MPs were being pitted against another. It would be cleaner and fairer for English only issues to be voted on by MPs in English constituencies.

"It is likely that after the General Election there will be more SNP members of parliament sitting in Westminster whose concern will be Scotland and not what is best for England. In that situation these plans would add layers of process and confusion to legislating and lead to back room deals being made far away from the voters eyes.

"Why are the Tories are climbing down for English only votes? Is there already a back room stitch-up?

"This only talks about tax. What about health, transport, education and other massive devolved issues?

"Cameron has spoken of English votes for English laws but these proposals will fail to deliver anything but chaos," said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.​

Sign the petition calling for English only votes in Westminster here.

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