Conservatives vote for compulsory EU-wide advertising of British jobs and benefits

Published Jun 23, 2015

CIMCrp6WgAAhEyA.jpgUKIP MEPs Jane Collins and Tim Aker have today condemned a move by Conservative MEPs to have all UK jobs advertised across the EU, they said: "UKIP is appalled that Conservative MEPs are supporting legislation which would make it compulsory for all British jobs, apprenticeships and training programmes to appear on a European Commission website aimed at workers across the EU.

"The website, called EURES, tells anyone in the EU who wants to work in the UK that there are 850 Eurocrat advisers available to them 'to provide information, advice and recruitment/placement (job-matching) services' in Britain.

"The amendment which Cameron's Conservatives have tabled says that any job, apprenticeship or training programme advertised in the UK be put into this EURES system.

"The website also gives information on British welfare benefits available to foreign workers looking for jobs in the UK. It is bad enough that such a website exists. What is appalling is the Conservative MEPs support advertising more British jobs to the whole of the EU.

"The Tories clearly don't believe in controlling immigration. Only UKIP is on the side of British workers."

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