Yvette Cooper's calls are calculated and do not go far enough to protect British security

Published Jan 21, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence and Security spokesman Mike Hookem MEP responded to the calls from Yvette Cooper to bring a halt to Schengen saying that in terms of real control over the UK borders it "did not go far enough."

"Ms Cooper knows full well that the EU, via the Common Immigration and Asylum Policy, has taken away control of that hugely important aspect of domestic security.

"As much as I welcome common sense on the importance of securing our borders Ms Cooper would need to advocate Brexit to ensure this country could properly control who came to live, settle and work here.

"This looks to me like a calculated move to draw a line in the sand between her and uber-leftie Jeremy Corbyn whose grip on security and defence is tenuous at best and can't be popular with traditional working class old Labour voters."

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