Corbyn demands neither hard nor soft but a Fantasy Brexit, says UKIP Leader Gerard Batten

Published Feb 26, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning was supposed to end the Labour tactic of creative confusion over it’s Brexit policy, but does no such thing. 

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said: "What Labour are demanding is nothing more than a fantasy ‘Unicorn’ Brexit, where everybody thinks they will receive everything on their wish list, while no serious thought is given to what is actually achievable without revoking the European Communities Act.

"Labour’s argument has about as much chance of convincing the EU as it does of fooling the 4 million 2017 Labour voters who voted to leave. This includes the millions of people who have in the past voted UKIP as the guarantor of Brexit, particularly in the Midlands and the North; who are being betrayed by those who pretend to speak for them.

"The simple fact is that the British people voted to Leave the EU, which in turn is about leaving the Customs Union and the Internal Market as was said time and again during the referendum debate. Not to do so would be a betrayal of the largest ever vote in the UK’s history.

"Labour must be living in an Islington ‘dreamworld’ if they imagine that the EU would hand the UK into a Customs Union agreement, that would included the UK having a full say in EU trade negotiations, but also allow us to strike our own beneficial trade deals.

"There is no way that our friends in the EU would allow us to do any such thing, and to imagine that they would merely shows that Labour has neither been listening to the people of this country, nor the views of our European colleagues.

"Instead Corbyn has promised a return to the 70’s with a intrusive industrial policy, swinging tax rises on wealth creators, collective bargaining and restrictions on employers ability to employ and invest as they see fit."

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