Corbyn has no clue on ISIS in Iraq

Published Nov 05, 2015

MH_Navy_(1).jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has blasted Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that ‘most of the [ISIS] action appears to have moved into Syria’, saying, “it is unforgivable for the leader of the opposition to be so ignorant of such a critical situation.”

Former soldier Mike continued, “just because the UK media are not providing wall to wall coverage of what ISIS are currently doing in Iraq in no way means the problem has gone away.”

“I’m sure the resident’s of Iraqi cities such as Falluja, Qaim and Kirkuk in no way share Corbyn’s opinion that most of the action appears to have moved on. Instead these poor people are experiencing first hand the brutality and barbarianism of ISIS, or they are fighting to the death to keep this wretched terror organisation from dominating their lives and homes.”

“Jeremy Corbyn is obviously as badly advised on the situation in Iraq as he is on etiquette and protocol for a leader of the opposition. He simply should not comment when he obviously does not have a clue.”

“It may come as news to Corbyn, but the fact is, ISIS in no way respects national borders and was actually formed from the remnants of Al Qaeda in Iraq. There are now vast swathes of the country that are directly under the control of ISIS, or is threatened by them.”

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