Corbyn would make the world more dangerous

Published Apr 23, 2017

UKIP Defence Spokesman Cllr Bill Etheridge MEP has called Jeremy Corbyn's defence policy "an incoherent mess which would throw the UK into huge security difficulties."

Cllr Etheridge was "shocked" that Mr Corbyn would not want to eliminate the leader of ISIS."

"How can it be a tough decision not to kill al-Baghdadi when he leads an inhumane, murderous death cult? The people of Mosul might have a few words to say to Mr Corbyn about that."

He said the answers given by the Labour leader on the Andrew Marr programme this morning were "the sort of well meaning but ultimately useless platitudes found at the Greenham Common Peace Camp."

"We live in a dangerous world and we can stick within the rules of international law and the Geneva Convention whilst maintaining our nuclear deterrent but ensuring we having a modern weapons system which can target threats and avoid civilians.

"There are situations in this world when the only effective response to a certain type of threat is to neutralise your enemy which is why we have a submarine based weapons programme.

"It seems that all Labour would do if they got their hands on the levers of power is use the UK Armed Forces as 'peacekeeping' policemen when the policy of soft power and internationalism has demonstrably failed.

"The government's first responsibility is the defence of the realm: Corbyn has demonstrated that he doesn't have the stomach for the job."

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