Cost of settling migrants more than £500 million

Published Apr 14, 2016

Stevenwoolfe.jpgThe House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has released a study saying that resettling the 20,000 Syrian refugees that the Government has agreed to take will cost a projected £589 million.

"I'm speechless!" says Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP Migration Spokesman. "Seriously, this number can't be right. No wonder the Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee is demanding clarification. It begs the question can any ordinary person really understand just how much £500M actually is? How much it can buy in the real world in which most of us have to survive, if we were spending our own money on the products and services that we need to live on in modern Britain.

"The government is projecting over £100m a year over four years of this parliament. A minimum £25,000 net per refugee on present arrivals. It's insane. Is this on top of the £129M already allocated to local authorities for resettlement? Where are the economies of scale which should be evident in any project of this size? Where are the attempts to get the refugees working to remit tax? Make a contribution to the UK as many of them no doubt are desperate to do.

"Today's announcement looks like an attempt by a novice government minister to inflate the budget in anticipation of accepting even more refugees in the near future."

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