Councils struggling to cope with huge rise in child asylum seekers

Published Jan 25, 2016

jane_collins_MEP.jpgUKIP MEP Jane Collins has said the warning by social workers that they are struggling to cope with the increased number of child asylum seekers "shows how the migrant crisis is permeating every layer of our national and local services."

Mrs Collins spoke out after 'Community Care' magazine revealed many local authorities were struggling to cope, with one recording 650% increase in the number of asylum-seeking children compared to last year.

The industry publication, which gathered results from freedom of information act requests, found an average of 55% more cases nationwide, excluding Kent, which has seen the greatest number.

"We have seen in Germany the risks that these groups of migrants place on women, but there are also structural problems that the EU's mass migration policy has had on this country which will only get worse unless we take control of our borders," she said.

"The report details front line social workers with increasing pressure from the soaring numbers of unaccompanied children who become the responsibility of the local authority.

"It's no wonder the consideration for the UK to take in a further 3,000 unaccompanied children is being met with resistance by the people who actually have to fund and look after these people.

"In many areas in the North we know that councils have proved themselves unable to look after vulnerable children with the revelations of CSE over the last twenty years and with concerns still ongoing.

"It's evident to anyone with an ounce of common sense that we should be resolving the problems in community care first and making sure vulnerable children are not abused or vulnerable adults in care homes abandoned and robbed.

"There are calls for dedicated asylum teams in social work units but I am concerned that we still have massive, deep rooted problems in local authority care which need to be sorted as a priority.

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