Cracking story for the attention of the intrepid and daring Times investigative team


The financial affairs of David Cameron were under the spotlight today after a top Conservative journalist revealed he is making a mint on renting out his London home while living in Downing Street for free.

Respected journalist Melissa Kite wrote in the London Evening Standard during the height of the Maria Miller sleaze scandal that: “A quick glance at the property portfolios of the Cabinet shows that there is much more for the public to be peeved about than Ms Miller’s profiteering.

“David Cameron himself makes an estimated £6,000 a month from renting out his London home while living in Downing Street.”

Ms Kite also revealed that the Prime Minister’s expenses claims included billing the taxpayer 7p for “a bulldog clip and 38p for a staple- remover.”

Mr Cameron has faced previous criticism for maxing out the mortgage on his Oxfordshire constituency home to enable him to claim huge sums in mortgage interest from the taxpayer. During the last parliamentary expenses scandal it was revealed that he claimed £21,000 a year in mortgage relief on a giant loan despite being from a hugely wealthy family and having no mortgage on his London family home.

A UKIP spokesman said: “If what Ms Kite says is correct and we have no reason to believe that it is not then the Prime Minister is receiving more than £70,000 a year in rent while living for free in Downing Street. What was that line about us all being in it together? Anyhow, it is a cracking story for the Times to get its teeth into, that’s for sure.”

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