Crime is not a lifestyle option - UKIP Police and Crime Commissioner Manifesto 2016

Published Mar 11, 2016

EMBARGOED_TILL_1100_ON_11_MARCH_-_UKIP_PCC_Manifesto_2016-page-001.jpgUKIP's 2016 PCC Manifesto was launched today at an event by many of our PCC candidates from across England and Wales with support from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, UKIP Deputy Chairman and Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP as well as Peter Whittle, UKIP's London Mayoral candidate.

UKIP Police & Crime Commissioners will:

- Record all crime and improve ease of reporting
- Be visible, approachable and alert to the communities they serve
- Invest in locally appropriate initiatives in accordance with community issues including Zero Tolerance
- Incorporate cost-effective adoption of new technology
- Ensure more representation of the community on key policing issues and communication between the police and people
- Guarantee transparency and scrutiny through accountability and performance reporting of the police in compliance with an agreed Local Police & Crime Plan

The manifesto can be downloaded here.

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