Crime stats show a country not at ease with itself

Published Oct 19, 2017

Latest Office for National Statistics figures on crime and violent crime show a significant upsurge, with overall crime rising by 13% for the year until June and violent crime rising a staggering 19%. This equates to 4.5 million incidents a year, or if you take the other authoritative study that came out today, the Crime Survey for England and Wales a terrifying 10.8 million offences.

On reading the latest ONC crime Statistics Jane Collins MEP UKIP's Home Affairs Spokesperson said,
"The first thing that strikes me about the latest ONS crime statistics is that it suggests we are not a country that is at peace with itself.

"It is accepted that crime is reported more frequently and documented more efficiently. Even so the types of crimes that are reported as being on the increase are “violent” and sexual offences involving knives or sharp instruments. We have also seen the horrific reporting of acid attacks.

"To gain a true picture as to what is causing these crimes and tackle them effectively we must look openly and honestly into the areas where these crimes are occurring. We must examine the demographic profiles and the socio-economics. To tackle crime we must understand the causes of crime."

ONS Crime survey

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