Czech Prime Minister has already "thrown a spanner in the works" for Mr Cameron

Published Nov 11, 2015

jane-collins.jpgCzech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says his country "will insist on the free movement of people and equal rights for all EU citizens" in negotiations over the future shape of the EU and any attempts to limit freedom of movement would pose "a serious problem" for the Czech Republic and "the right to work and live anywhere in the EU is absolutely essential to us due to our historical experience".

UKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP said the Czech Prime Minister's comments had effectively "Thrown a spanner in Mr Cameron's plans by ensuring he will not have unanimity in the Council of Ministers for wholesale legislative change on the rights of EU workers to access the UK jobs market and claim benefits."

"Statistics published today show that 40%* of recent European Economic Area migrants are receiving benefits which places a huge burden on our social security bill. The presence of in-work benefits not only distorts the labour market but means that large companies can get away with paying the minimum wage for jobs and allowing the tax payer to top up their workers' salaries.

"That's why big business loves the EU because it provides an unlimited source of cheap labour, allows British workers to be discriminated against and lands us with the bill. No other EU country is going to allow Mr Cameron to put a stop to this particularly as it will require a change in the treaties to do so."

*The number includes children who are the recipient of child benefit which can also be claimed for children not living in the UK.

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