David Cameron clear on his support for open door EU immigration


Prime Minister David Cameron's reiteration of his support for open door EU immigration has been labelled as "irresponsible and naive" by UKIP's Head of Policy Tim Aker.

The Conservative Party Leader reiterated his support for open door immigration on the Andrew Marr show, opening the UK up to unrestricted immigration from twenty-seven other countries.

UKIP's Head of Policy Tim Aker said: "Mr. Cameron says that he wants those who want to work to come to Britain, but the truth is that under his irresponsible open door immigration policy criminals and those looking to milk the system can come too.

"Housing benefit, child benefit and tax credits are all there for migrants who have paid nothing or very little into the system to come and claim.

"You only have to read the MigrationWatch report last week that showed 150,000 EU migrants pay net tax of £1 per week to understand that mass uncontrolled immigration has been a disaster for Britain.

"Creating a huge oversupply in the unskilled labour market has damaged the prospects and lives of working people. Sadly it seems that the Conservatives are keen to carry on the naive and irresponsible immigration policy put in place by the Labour Party before them."​​

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