David Cameron's EU Referendum Bill collapses - UKIP responds


10251977_660709683976638_2029174054560815548_n.pngDavid Cameron's European Referendum Bill has failed following the lack of support from the Conservative Party's coalition partners the Liberal Democrats. Even if the Bill had somehow managed to make it past a second reading, it was likely to fail in the House of Lords due to the Labour Party's refusal to support an EU referendum, and even then, it is well recognised that a parliament cannot bind its successor and therefore the entire move was fatuous.

Having made this point for months if not years, UKIP now points to the string of broken promises by the Conservative Party, and the abject failure of the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party to reflect the will of the British people.

It has of course not been a great few weeks for David Cameron:

1. Britain still owes the EU a whopping £1.7bn, and Mr Cameron's support in Europe over the matter is faltering, with Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt now refusing to back him;
2. The Tory Party is still at disarray internally over the European Arrest Warrant;
3. The Tory Minister Nick Boles has admitted that nothing at all can be done about mass migration from the EU as long as we are part of the political union;
4. The Liberal Democrats have put the boot into their coalition partners and killed the EU Referendum Bill.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP said today: "This latest in a long line of broken promises comes as no surprise, but it is infuriating how the Conservative Party can string the British public along and constantly make claims over holding an EU Referendum when it was clear from day one that it would never happen.

"Look at Mr Cameron's recent record: a whopping bill from the EU, his Ministers at war over the European Arrest Warrant, his Planning Minister admitting that UKIP are right over mass migration, and finally, the fact that he can't deliver an EU referendum. It is almost as if he never intended to honour any of his promises."

"The Conservative Party continues to pretend that it has any influence at all over European issues. It does not. They've said that Labour won't. They've said that UKIP can't. Now it transpires that the Tories neither can, nor will deliver an EU referendum in 2017. The jig, Mr Cameron, is up."

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